The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Solar Generator is Perfect for My Pellet Grills!

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I have been using a Jackery Explorer 300, along with their solar panels, to power my pellet grills for a couple of years.  I love using the Jackery because it means that I don’t need to run an extension cord across my back deck.

When I use the solar panel I am able to generate about 70-80 watts of power which is about four times as much power that is used by my grills.  This means that I can run my grill all day long with this little unit!

I appreciate that the Jackery 300 is extremely lightweight and that the solar panels are EASY to carry.  Everything about this setup is convenient and has been a game changer for me!

Here is the link to buy the Jackery on Amazon.  Exclusive code: JAPLUS05 can get extra 5% discount when purchase over $1000 during 03/18/2024-03/25/2024