What You Need to Know About the Waterdrop WD-F13 Replacement Water Filter

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There are two things you need to know about the Waterdrop WD-F13 replacement water filter for your GE Refrigerator.

The first thing is the the Waterdrop WD-F13 is a drop in aftermarket replacement for the much more expensive XWF filter sold by GE.  The Waterdrop filter has the same performance, lifetime, fit, etc. as the GE filter.

The second thing to know is that after you install the filter you need to run about four gallons of water through it to purge out any residual carbon particles from the manufacturing process.

Overall I believe the Waterdrop WD-F13 to be a GREAT and cost effective alternative to the original GE filter.

Here is the link to buy the Waterdrop WD-F13 on Amazon!