Costco Asian Chicken Wrap Calories and Taste Test

I buy the Costco Asian Wrap with Rotisserie Chicken and Dressing about once a month for easy lunches.  I get about three meals out of them before they start getting soggy.

The wraps are low in calories but high is salt so depending upon your dietary restrictions this may or may not be a good meal for you.

This review will cover everything you need to know about the Asian wrap including calories, taste and price.

Trays of Asian Chicken Wraps at Costco

Costco Asian Wrap Calories

Costco says that one serving of the Asian wrap weighs 253g (a little over 1/2 pound) and has the following nutritional information:

  • Calories = 210
  • Fat = 23g
  • Cholesterol = 45mg
  • Sodium = 1,600mg
  • Carbohydrates = 52g
  • Protein = 24g

We were surprised by the high sodium content of the wraps as they certainly do not taste salty.

You can find the nutritional information for all of the prepared foods in the deli counter posted at the station where you place orders for Costco’s party platters.

Asian Wrap Ingredients

Taste Test for the Asian Chicken Wraps

The wraps contain a LOT of rotisserie chicken along with what tastes like an unseasoned Cole slaw mix (cabbage, carrots) and a handful of crunchy lo mein noodles.

And in the Good News department for those of you who hate onions and/or cilantro…neither of those ingredients are in this wrap!

What really makes the wraps “pop” is the delicious dressing.  We like to pour a little dressing over the wrap before each bite to add a slightly tangy and savory flavor that really works with the chicken and veggies.

The green tortilla used to form the wrap looks pretty but tastes a bit bland.

You will want to buy these wraps on the same day they were made because the lo mein noodles get soggy as the wraps get older.  Check the “Pack Date” on the label to confirm when the wraps were made.

The Costco Asian Chicken Wrap is Delicious

Price of the Asian Chicken Wraps at Costco

The wraps are Item Number 18957 and are found in the refrigerated coolers in the deli section of the warehouse.

The Asian wraps cost $6.49 per pound and you get about 2 1/4 pounds per tray for a total cost of $14-$15 dollars.

There are four servings per tray so the cost per serving comes out to $3.62.  This is a little expensive for a chicken wrap but the incredible dressing makes it worth the cost.